That's me and my family: three daughters, one son, one son-in-law, my husband and my wasband.  Jeff is my husband and father of my two youngest children.  Rick is my wasband and the father of my two oldest children.  While some people find it shocking that we hang out together - it’s pretty normal to us.  

My philosophy is to try to find a "better than" solution whenever I can.  Instead of trying to be perfect, I try to make a better choice.  While it sounds great to create change completely and immediately, making improvements is better than nothing.  Here's an example: I want pure almond butter but making it from scratch is not realistic.  However, grinding organic almonds at the store is "better than".  

  • My motto is BE BOLD : feeling fear is not a bad thing, change the thoughts that are creating it and take action.
  • My word is OPPORTUNITY : everywhere you look there is room for growth.  
  • My signature color is ORANGE : it makes me happy.

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I started in corporate hi-tech in the mid 80’s.  My positions were primarily marketing software and devices to enterprise corporations.  Snooze.   I love using technology but it doesn't interest me.  For many years I talked about starting a business that would allow me to focus on something I care about.  I used to say, "If I could only do tradeshows that were about toys, babies, food or anything more interesting than this." 

Then, it hit me.  If I want to make money doing something I care about - I’d better get to it.  On Mothers Day, 2016, I asked my family to attend a presentation on how I was going to start a new business.  I showed third-party research about myself and a few business models I was exploring.  I had a goal, measurable objectives, a strategy and a timeline.  Most importantly – I had accountability.  I said it out loud and I asked for their support.  I set out to find my new business.

My Business

During my new business research, I kept going back to my vision:  I want a business that allows me to spend every day positively adding value to my life and people around me.  I want to inspire and learn from others.  I want to be part of a community focused on wellness. 

So here I am - in a community I love that's filled with people helping other people, involved in humanitarian projects effecting lives all over the world, leveraging the skills and knowledge I've developed over the past 30 years.  It's been my dream.

This is what I do:

  • train entrepreneurial women in wellness professions how to use events to attract more clients
  • teach health-conscious adults how to use essential oils to create a less-toxic lifestyle
  • offer various types of wellness events like: Facebook, on-line and live events
  • post about what I use to replace toxic products with "better than" options
  • team with like-minded people who want to create their own wellness business 

My Website

  • The HOME page is where you can find links to my event training programs, essential oil information, and monthly specials.
  • Be sure to visit EVENT TRAINING PROGRAMS if you want to learn how to spend more time on the beach. 
  • There's a lot to see on the ESSENTIAL OIL pages: essential oils are explained, you can purchase doTERRA products and learn how to make money like I do and find essential oils events to attend. 
  • The ATTEND AN EVENT page is where you go to find Facebook, online or live events to help you learn more about essential oils. 
  • My JOURNAL page provides deeper information about natural solutions, research and DIY projects. 
  • Follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to find inspiration, insight and practical tips on how to make "better than" choices in your life.  Topics include my favorite things: natural products and personal growth.