I'll be honest - I want to make money...

I want to make money while making a difference for people around me and have a positive impact on the world.  If that sounds like you - join my team. 

doTERRA and Beautycounter - I chose these companies because they both have significant earning potential and built-in humanitarian and social causes.  A huge bonus is the amazing community of men and women who share a passion for helping others.  I've met some of my favorite people while building my business.  We collaborate so that we all grow.  If one of the product lines speaks to you, focus on that.  You don't need to do both.  I represent both because I like to offer a health and makeup solution to people who are watching their toxic intake, but I have a team that manages my Beautycounter business and I focus on doTERRA. 

Direct Sales - Yes, we are talking about network marketing (aka direct sales, multi-level marketing - Marykay, Tupperware).  Hold on - don't go right to whatever stereotype you're thinking.  I admit, this was a turn off to me but, obviously, I changed my mind.  These are not your typical MLMs.  Consider this:

  • The products are amazing and stand on their own (65% customer retention compared to the typical 8-15%)
  • The comp plans are not your typical pyramid, but reversed to incent building rather than relying on others
  • We lead with the products, not the business, so there is no uncomfortable pressure - people already want the products
  • You can start a business without investing time and money in product development and marketing
  • Tools and support are provided to make the your ramp-up easy (handouts, videos, training, your own website)

Commitment - If you join my team, we commit to mentor, train, and challenge you.  Our team provides weekly interactive support calls, a closed Facebook group, monthly product training and many other opportunities to work together and learn.  You will be supported all the way.  It's so rewarding to be self-employed and work with an amazing team.  Join us!

If you're curious, watch the videos below.  If you're ready to join my team, contact me or go to Purchase doTERRA Products or Purchase Beautycounter Products.

Good Fit - This job is perfect if you:

  • are looking for a career change
  • want some extra income - a side hustle
  • love helping others
  • want a flexible work schedule
  • are looking to be part of a community
  • care about natural solutions, health and wellness


doTERRA Business Overview: 13:03 minutes long

  • building a pipeline story
  • network marketing (aka direct sales, MLM)
  • compensation plan
  • your investment
  • first steps to get started



Beautycounter Why Direct Retail: 2:21 minutes long

  • what is direct retail
  • why tell the story person to person
  • making a difference 


Beautycouner We are Beautycounter: 3:13 minutes long

  • a little bit of history
  • effort on better safety laws
  • partnerships and news