Three reasons to have live events:

  • be in front of a larger community at one time

  • convert clients and grow your business faster

  • build deeper relationships with your audience

If you want to propel your business to another level quickly, spend less time looking for clients and more time on vacation - you should be having events.  People are looking for ways to connect with you.  Invite them to an experience. 


Superstar Events Academy - starting March 2019!

A training program that takes the overwhelm out of event planning.  In this online, nine-month group training you will learn to: 

  • get clear on why you would do an event so that you know it will be worth the effort

  • create a plan so that you feel confident you will have enough time to make it happen

  • get the details dialed in so that you can rest in knowing you've covered all the bases

  • practice so that you are ready to host, present and make an offer with confidence

  • evaluate how you did so that you identify every opportunity to maximize success for your next event

Private Coaching

With private coaching you will get everything in the Superstar Events training program, but in addition, it will include:

  • a fast tracked process

  • personalized support

  • additional onsite support option

event program chart 6x6 Nov 2018.png