Personal and Professional Growth 

Events are a leading resource for people who want to grow personally and professionally.  

I have over 25 years experience in event marketing. My proven formula finds the right attendees and creates the intended experience.  I want every attendee to get what they came for and I don't like to waste anyone's time or money.  

I work with professionals to create wellness events that provide opportunities for people to experience growth. 

  • on-line FB classes
  • small group meetings
  • one day seminars
  • multi-day conferences
  • quarterly regional trainings

Check the calendar below for events you can attend now.  

Check back - more events will be added soon!

Contact me if you need help planning your wellness events or if you want to work with me to  create a wellness conference.  

I'm looking for professions to partner with me on a multi-day conference.  Be part of the team designing this inaugural event that will cover products to services (business coaches, energy work, nutritionists, etc.).  LEARN MORE